Make Up


 Beauty That's Naturally You 

Considered the finishing touches in the grooming process, make-up allows women to appear younger by increasing the contrast between facial features and skin tone. And the benefits are undeniable. When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you look in even better. Why? Because beauty is a state of mind. Beauty Is power. Beauty is confidence. All women deserve to be appreciated, respected, and admired. When a woman improves her appearance, amazing things happen.
Come in today to get serviced for: Make-Up Application, Make-Up Lessons or Brow Sculpting  

Make-Up Application

When applied correctly, makeup enhances your own natural beauty, it calls attention to your best features and it can conceal or deemphasize any flaws. It helps you project your own sense of self. When it is done tastefully and skillfully – along with wardrobe, hair, and nails – it reveals the competence, attention, and pride that are the mark of a modern successful woman.

Make-Up Lessons

There are many ways to improve your appearance. Carla Fabrizi Cosmetics will cater to women who either want to enhance their looks, or simply want tips to look better. Fabrizi prides herself on working as a partner with her clients. You can improve your life dramatically right now for very little cost, simply by learning how to apply makeup correctly to enhance your features. You will see the difference it makes immediately! And then just watch how doors begin to open. 

Brow Sculpting

Eyebrows are detrimental to framing/shaping the face and facial features. Although none of us have “perfect brows”, when it comes to symmetry, even small adjustments can make a huge difference. Thicker, fuller brows are proven to promote a younger, more natural look, but will not compliment the look of every individual. It is vital to consult the shape and frame of the face before determining the look that will best compliment your natural features. 
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