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Want to look fantastic for a special occasion?  Let your beauty pronounce your elegance with professional products and services that assure to last the duration of the event. With application suited for photography, Carla Fabrizi will have you looking     and feeling as memorable as the occasion. 


Life is full of big, confusing questions, one of those being: How to pick a makeup artist for what is arguably the biggest day of your life? After all, you’ll have the photos and memories forever. Taking into consideration your natural skin color, type, hair style and outfit, we will have you looking your best on your special day.


From wild and crazy to simple and sweet, how you wear your hair says     a lot about your personality. But     what   if you don't know your best suited look? We are encouraged to represent ourselves as trained stylists who fit your complexion, features, hair   and facial type with your new   design. 

Working with Hollywoods top celebrities is a dream desired by many and accomplished by few. Get extended auto warranty for used cars. Backed with the inspiration and experience, Carla Fabrizi opened her studio to bring the Hollywood glamour into the Greater New-York area. For the past 20-years, Carla's artistic talent has been seen on many successful series, including: Twin Peaks, Lois & Clark, Dr. Quinn, The Practice, and Boston Legal. It is not unusual for Fabrizi to fly back to Hollywood to get her celebrities red carpet ready for various star-studded events. Now using her own brand of various products she has since incorporated today's modern trends with yesterday's class. If you want to feel like Teri Hatcher or Isabella Rossellini for a day you can... your skin, hair and face will thank you for it. Read More from NJ Monthly >>

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Skin Care

By Carla Fabrizi 05 May, 2016
Hey Ladies! NJ Monthly wrote a blog post about Carla Fabrizi Cosmetics under the "Susan On Style" section.  If you want learn more about Carla and what the boutique/studio has to offer, definitely check out to Blog post titled " Snag Hollywood beauty, Clothes at Carla Fabrizi."

  "Check out this hot spot in Mendham’s charming downtown and you might feel more like you’re in Hollywood than in Morris County. Effervescent Carla Fabrizi attracts clients of all ages for makeup lessons, hairstyling, facials, brow sculpting, Fabrizi’s own line of cosmetics and skin care, and an assortment of cool clothing and accessories." - Susan Brierly from NJ Monthly 

CLICK the link below to read the blog post on NJ Monthly!
By Carla Fabrizi 17 Apr, 2016
It is important to make changes to your daily skincare routine to accommodate the rising temperatures. in response, your skin is bound to fluctuate both behaviors and texture.  Summerly fun days mean, shorts, sandals, bathing suits, and bronzed skin. But Sun exposure is comes with the possibility of subjecting yourself to sun damage – but in the same note, avoiding the outdoors altogether is both impractical and nearly impossible. Below are some essential key tips to keeping your skin and face healthy and beautiful 

  • Cleanse 
  • Tone
  • Hydrate the eye area
  • Moisturize
  • Use a Mask
  • Exfoliate
  • Apply Sunscreen Religiously
  • Use a cleanser with salicylic or  glycolic  acid
  • Moisturize with SPF.
  • Don’t skimp on eye creams and lip protection.
  • Protect your hands and feet too
  • Boost your block with antioxidants

By Carla Fabrizi 23 Jan, 2016

Blemishes can be quite stressful. They are caused by a skin condition where the skin is clogged by dirt or make up and cannot breathe. They are an unpleasant ordeal and may end up causing low self esteem to an individual and eventually lead to depression in some individuals. It is therefore important to always take care of your skin at the end of each day. It should be a rule to anyone who uses make up that they should never sleep with any of it on. Having a regular beauty regime where one removes all traces of make up at the end of the day should be a must do.

Having blemishes should not get in the way of anyone looking good. One can still look good with blemishes. With the right kind of make up one can be able to cover up all traces of blemishes. There are a lot of products out there in the market. Finding the right product especially when the skin is prone to acne and blemishes can be a huge challenge but with a lot of research and search, one can be able to find the right products. When looking for the right product, the color and texture of the products should be an important consideration.

After the search for the right product is over, one should be able to know how to apply make up the right way. Having the right products and not knowing how to apply them can be disastrous. It would be like owning a car and not knowing how to drive it.

With the right make up in place, it is advisable to start with a light base; this is because of the acne. Heavy makeup will only lead to the face looking caked up. The light base should be able to emphasize the beauty of your skin and make it gorgeously dewy and glowing. Next would be to blend in the foundation and concealer into the areas where your skin needs it most. Both should be applied lightly in order to achieve a more natural look.

Remember the trick is to not having so much make up on. Applying just enough and concealing the blemishes with the right product can give an individual a natural looking finish. All make up should be removed at the end of the day in order to try and control the breaking out of acne and having blemishes.

This way, an individual can have blemishes and still look natural.

By Carla Fabrizi 23 Jan, 2016

Cancer causes havoc to a patient’s body, spirit and even emotions. No cure has been found for cancer but chemo and radiation has been found to significantly reduce its spread to other body cells. These processes can at times affect your appearance and looks. Certainly, it would top your list of priorities in maintaining your beauty. This might go a long way in boosting your self- esteem and confidence hence need to maintain that good look. You need worry not on how to go about this as this article will provide an insight to some of the best way in maintaining your beauty.

Try Some Cucumber And Ginger

Have you ever considered trying some sliced cucumbers on your eyes? How about soothing your tummy? This is a very important natural beauty advice for women on chemo. Sliced cucumbers on your eyes will provide a cooling sensation on your eyes especially after that chemo session and will really help your eyes perk up. Wondering what ginger ale would do to help you maintain your look? The seeds will offer a quick calming solution to your tummy probably you might have experienced after the tedious chemo session.

Maintain A Moist Skin

I would recommend this as the most important beauty advice for women on chemo. The key to a healthy skin is by keeping it moist. How will you go about this? Well, first ensure you take enough water and keep your skin moist by investing in good facial moisturizers and quality good body lotion.

Be Gentle On Your Skin

Skin for women undergoing chemo might be more sensitive than usual. This may result to dry, flaky skin. Avoid using a scrub on your face and instead try gentle fragrance free and dye-free cleansers, lotions, and laundry soaps. This is an important beauty advice for women on chemo as it will help maintain your skin texture by helping avoid any presence of rash

Keep Your Hair Short

Perhaps not all women will lose their hair during chemo. However, this is a crucial beauty advice for women on chemo. This preemptive strike will help make that transition from that thick hair to thin manageable hair. Besides helping you maintain that awesome look, it will help look much younger. It would be imperative to keep it neat, tidy and trimmed as this will help maintain that cute look.

Try Using Pencil And Stencil

Thinning hair may come hand in hand with falling eye brows. A good beauty advice for women on chemo experiencing falling eye brows would be using a pencil with or without stencil by trying to fill them in. Though this might be a temporary beauty tip, it may go long way in boosting your looks.

Just to name but a few, the above beauty tips for women on chemo are some of which perhaps you should consider next time you feel that chemo process would ruin your looks.

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